ABOUT SELLING - Question 1

Do you sale U.S. Spec?

The vehicles for sale are just European spec.

ABOUT SELLING - Question 2

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

We have several payment plans. For example: you can pay the 50% of the price and the rest in 5 rates without interest.

ABOUT SELLING - Question 3

What do I have to do to register the car?

We will support you preparing all the documents to register the vehicle and we will inform how insure and to register the vehicle by the Pass ID. office on Base.

ABOUT RENTING - Question 1

What kind of documents do you need to rent a vehicle?

You need a valid driving license, if it is not issued from UE it is better to have an international driving license. If you are a member of the Air Base we need your state side and AFI one.

ABOUT RENTING - Question 2

Is there a special price for a long rental?

Yes, more you keep the car less you pay.

ABOUT RENTING - Question 3

Can I pay my rental with a debit card?

All major debit or credit cards are accepted.